Oatmeal Runner Reviews...ONE Birthday Cake bar

I’m going to start out this review by saying this is my favorite protein bar. Hands down. I’ve found the bar that I’d be happy to have if I could only choose one. So, now you know how this review is going to go.


First off, I love the flavor this bar. So many protein bars claim to be a flavor and I’m like “oh, yeah, I guess I can tell it tastes like that”. Especially with cake flavors. But this bar delivers on being birthday cake flavored. If you gave it to me without a wrapper, you wouldn’t have guessed it was protein bar. It has a confectioner's glaze and tastes just like vanilla frosting and sprinkles.

Yes, there are sprinkles on this bar! Real sprinkles that are an awesome contrast to the rest of the bar’s texture.

Speaking of texture, this is a soft protein bar. There’s a little bit of crunch from the sprinkles but the rest of it is nice and soft. Just like a piece of cake which just adds on to how amazing this bar is. It really takes it from “yeah, I’m eating a protein to bar” to “is this a healthy piece of cake?” when I’m eating it.

This is going to be a great change to my post-workout fueling during marathon training since I have more carbs to play around with. I’ve found protein bars to be great when I don’t have the time to blend up a smoothie post-workout since I can grab and go. Here’s the nutritional breakdown:

Calories: 210

Carbs: 24g

Fat: 7g

Protein: 21g

Have you tried the ONE Birthday Cake bar? Let me know what you think in the comments!