Eau Claire Marathon Training Week One

Here we are, back with the weekly training update. I started training on January 1st for the Eau Claire Marathon using Hal Higdon’s Intermediate II plan and am hoping to go sub-5 hours on May 6th (with a stretch goal of 4:45). So let’s jump into my first week of training!

Monday, January 1

Started off the new year and new training cycling at the gym with some cross-training! I’m continuing to use the Strong Curves template  since I loved it in the off-season. Here’s what my strength training currently is:

Superset 1

  • Weighted glute bridge (3x15)

  • Dumbbell bent over row (3x12)

Superset 2

  • Weighted split squat (3x15)

  • Dumbbell standing press (3x12)

Romanian Deadlift (3x15)

Side lying abduction (20 per side)


Side plank

The workout felt great and my knee didn’t bother me at all (woooo!). I also did five minutes on the rowing machine as my warm up and forty-five minutes on the elliptical afterwards since I had the day off of work. I will probably do 20-30 minutes of the elliptical before weights most of the time since I’ll be working out after work and Mike has his bowling league starting next week.

Tuesday, January 2

3 miles ~32:05~10:37 min/mile pace

Time for the first run of 2018 and of marathon training! It is still freezing cold (it was -10 when I went to the gym at 7 a.m. since I was still on Christmas break) so I had a three mile run on the treadmill watching an episode of Supernatural. I’m still working on slowing down to an easy pace (around 11 minute miles) and went a little bit faster than that on this run according to my watch. But the run felt great and I still had no knee pain (but I do have a half piece of KT tape on my knee for preventative measure).

Two of my goals during training are to foam roll and stretch after every run and get in at least one core workout every week. I got both of these crossed off after my run! It was nice being able to go straight from my run to a core workout without having to strip off multiple layers. I’m using the Nike Training Club (NTC) app for my core workouts and did a quick eight minutes of core. And boy did I feel it!

Wednesday, January 3

5 miles~54:19~10:51 min/mile pace

Back to work but still running on the treadmill! Since my Wednesday runs get pretty long (up to 10 miles at the end of March), I’m taking shorter lunch breaks at work to leave early on Wednesdays. I won’t be running Wednesday mornings since it won’t be that warm at all in the morning but I’m hoping that by leaving work early I’ll get my runs in before sunset and when it’s warmer during the day.

I’m still working on slowing down my pace on the treadmill and I feel like I did pretty good on this run. My splits were right around 10:45-ish (except for the mile where I slowed to a walk to drink some Nuun) but I’d like to be around 11 minute miles as my easy pace. It will be interesting to see how my pacing changes once I get back outside since it will be harder to see my mile pace (until it gets warm enough that my watch isn’t under multiple layers). So I’ll probably have to retrain myself to what an 11 minute pace feels like outside since it will feel so different than that pace on a treadmill.

Thursday, January 4

3 miles ~ 32:25 ~ 10:47 min/mile pace

I got some exciting news when I went in for my massage (see my past post on why I love going in for my massages). Not only is Valerie moving to a location that’s closer to my home and work, she’s going to have Sunday hours starting in February! Which means I can go in for massages post-long run. So of course I scheduled my next one for February 4 (which will already be a 14 miler!).

After work, I had another treadmill run. Nothing too exciting happened on it, just working more on going at an easy pace. I’ll still be on the treadmill for Saturday’s run but it will be marathon pace miles so I’ll be running a little bit faster at least. I also got in a second session of core work (just eight minutes again) using the NTC app. Which exceeded my goal of one day a week of core work so I’m hoping to keep it up with two days!

Friday, January 5

The first rest day of marathon training! I’m still hoping to get in 10,000 steps on my rest days but I didn’t get them in since it’s still too cold to get in a long walk during my lunch break. I did manage a short walk but I only hit about 7,500 steps.

But I did get in a yoga session after work (along with Vinnie “helping” out by sniffing and licking me). During Twin Cities Marathon training, my goal was at least 30 minutes of yoga. This time, I’m not focusing on time and instead just focusing on getting the yoga in since I’m not on summer hours like I was during most of my last marathon training cycle. Today, I did a 15 minute video focused on lengthening and opening tight hamstrings and hips.

Saturday, January 6

5 miles ~ 52:11 ~ 10:26 min/mile pace

Back to the treadmill one more time since it was -8 when I was heading to the gym. At some point, Minnesota has got to warm up, right?

This Saturday I had five marathon pace miles on the schedule, which for me is at a 10:30 average pace. And I was even a little faster than that while feeling good! I finished two episodes of Supernatural which helped keep my mind off the run. Even though I’m not hating the treadmill as much as I did in the past but I’ll be so glad to get off the treadmill and run outside again.

Sunday, January 10

10 miles ~ 1:50:42 ~ 11:03 min/mile pace

Yes, I finally ran outside! I haven’t ran outside since Christmas with how cold it’s been so I was so glad to get outside. Even though the feels like temperature was 5. It was just so much more fun than running on the treadmill and it was gorgeous on my run.

I headed out at 7 a.m. so I watched the sun rise and the sky change colors over a snowy landscape. It was just gorgeous and why, even with the cold, I love winter running. Of course I also love running without a ton of layers on but it’s worth it when the views are this gorgeous.

My first two miles were too fast but I evened out by the end. Although I had a couple of slow miles towards the end because I had to go to the bathroom. The one downside of winter running is the lack of open restrooms and water fountains. Luckily, once my body gets used to the increase in food it should even out. And I got a larger handheld water bottle so I should be good water-wise (although I didn’t take water on this run).

I also did a new thing after my run, I took did an aerial workout class! I was something outside of my comfort zone, especially when I ended up not knowing anyone there, but it was tons of fun. We switched between doing strength training moves using the silks (like lunges, planks and crunches) and learning aerial tricks. I even did some tricks upside down!


All together, it was a great first week of training! Winter marathon training is a lot different than winter half marathon training, especially when I’m stuck on the treadmill for most of the week.

How did your last week go, are you training for anything? Let me know in the comments!