Training Tip Tuesday #2

I’m in week two of training for the Eau Claire marathon and it’s time for the second training tip Tuesday!

Today’s tip is about making sure you’re paying attention to your body. As you may remember, I hurt my knee a couple of days before starting marathon training. It hadn’t been bothering me during the first week of training, until Sunday’s long run. Of course, I did have it taped for the beginning of the week just to make sure I didn’t step funny on it but I didn’t for the last three runs.

So, of course, I’m making sure to take care of me knee. It’s not painful, just a little bit of tenderness so I put some Icy Hot on before my Sunday nap and iced it later that night. But makes sure you are paying attention to your body and doing a little bit of extra stretching, rolling or icing when your body needs it! It only takes a little bit of time and can help prevent further injuries!