Training Tips Tuesday #41: Don't Ignore About Your Upper Body While Stretching

After my massage on Sunday, I realized how much I’d been ignoring my upper body when it came to stretching and foam rolling. I’ve already talked about how important upper body strength training is for running but along with that, you need to be stretching and foam rolling too. Even if your upper body doesn’t feel tight or sore.

As soon as my massage therapist start working on my upper body, she commented on how my shoulders were rolled forward. And then, after she had me flip over and was working on my shoulder and upper back, she found some tight spots deeper in my muscles. I didn’t even feel tight or sore! And, of course, I haven’t been doing much stretching (or any foam rolling) on my upper body.

Want some ideas for stretching your upper body? I have a list of some that you can do at work! I know that this is making me think more about stretching and foam rolling my upper body (especially after my strength training days) to keep my running form work correctly.

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