Training Tips Tuesday #39: How I Treat My Tight Calves

On and off, whether I’ve been training for a race or not, I get really tight calves for a couple of days. Most of the time, they happen if I don’t get a good stretch/foam rolling in after my cross training (which I’m working on) but today I wanted to share how a treat them.

  • Roller stick: any type of foam rolling gets to be pretty painful when my calves are really tight but I’ve found the roller stick is the best way to get in there and help the fascia and muscles loosen up. I always make sure to do it right after working out so my muscles are warmed up which helps a little.

  • Compression socks: I swear by compression socks for helping out with my tight calf muscles. I never wear them after a run but I make sure to slip them on after my long run and also when my calves are feeling tight. It might just be a placebo effect but I really feel a difference.

  • Keep on running: I keep on running, even if my calves are tight. Depending on how they feel, I might move my speedwork day and do an easy run instead but running (or any other type of cardio) helps loosen them up. If I do end up doing an easy run because of tight calves, I spend some time after my warm-up and running the first mile to stretch out my calves a little bit more.

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