I'm running a 10K in less than 50 days?!

Well, I’ve been tempted by enough races that I’ve pulled the trigger and signed up for one last one before 2018 is done. I’ll be running the Reindeer Run 10K on December 8 at Lake Harriet!

I really excited to run this not only because I haven’t run any races since Memorial Day Weekend but also because I’m pretty sure I can PR this 10K. I’ve only run one other 10K, back in 2016 as part of the Loony Challenge. My time then was 56:13 (9:03 average pace) and my 5K PR at that time was 28:35.

Now, my 5K is down to 26:28 (over two minutes faster) and I’ve been focusing more on speedwork for the past two months. Based on my 5K PR, the Pace+ app estimates I can run a 10K in 55:17 (an 8:55 pace) which would be cutting a full minute off my PR. And that pace feels like it would be a good target to aim for.

So, how am I going to go from not training to running a 10K PR in less than 50 days? I’m not going to change my workout schedule too much and will still be running 20 miles a week with two days cross training and a rest/yoga day. Plus I’ll be paying a ton of attention to my rest and recovery (especially getting in enough sleep and mobility work). What I will be changing up is how often I’m doing pace runs and the speeds of my pace runs.

Sadly, Lake Harriet won’t be this gorgeous come December. But hopefully the sun will be out for race day!

Sadly, Lake Harriet won’t be this gorgeous come December. But hopefully the sun will be out for race day!

I’ll be switching my pace runs to every other week (instead of every three weeks) and increasing the pace from 9:30 to 8:55. I will still keep them at the five mile distance and will probably be trying to run them at Lake Harriet as much as possible to prep myself for the run. It’s a pretty flat course so it should feel pretty good to push myself at those paces.

Otherwise, my running paces are going to be kept to what I’ve been aiming for: 5K pace intervals at 8:15-8:30 (with recovery intervals at about a 9:00 pace) and a average pace of about 9:00 for my tempo runs. You can read all about the speedwork I started incorporating in a Training Tip Tuesday post from the end of July! My easy run and long run paces are going to be kept between 10-10:30 and I’ll be trying really hard to keep these as easy recovery runs because I haven’t been lately.

So here’s how my training will look like for these weeks leading up to the Reindeer Run:

Monday: Cross training (Triple Threat on the NTC app and spin class)

Tuesday: 3 mile 5K intervals or 30 minute tempo run

Wednesday: easy 3 mile run

Thursday: Cross training (Better Basics on the NTC app and walking treadmill hill intervals)

Friday: Rest day and yoga

Saturday: 5 mile pace or easy run

Sunday: 8 mile easy run

This is the first time I’m not following a specific training plan leading up to the race (with the rest of my races I was either training specifically for that or using it as part of my training for a different race so it will be really interesting to see how it goes. I feel like I’ve run enough races to know what will work to get me that PR and I have a really great training pace going into it.

The only thing I’ll have to plan for is the dropping temperatures as we get into December. It’s been warm on and off recently (last Sunday was in the 30s and we got snow, Thursday and Friday we almost hit 70) but I know that won’t last until early December. Hopefully we won’t be sub-zero yet (although my 5K PR was from a sub-zero day) but I’ll probably end up racing in tights and a long sleeved shirt. So hopefully I’ll get a pace run in those clothes just so I can remember how it feels.

Are you training for a race this winter? Let me know what race and how your training is going in the comments!

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