Training Tip Tuesday #42: Dressing for Fall Running

It’s almost the end of October and fall running is in full force in Minnesota. And along with that comes the swing of fall temperatures that really make me think of what I’m going to wear on the run. So today, I’m dedicating some time to how I run when the weather changes from day to day (or even within the matter of hours)!


Bring along layers for post-run

No matter how I feel while running, during the fall I make sure I have layers to wear immediately afterward. Sometimes it’s just a jacket, some time it’s a pair of long pants too but I know after I’m done running I start getting cooler. And since I’m usually doing something else before I can shower and change (whether I’m just taking Vinnie on a walk or doing grocery shopping on the weekend), I don’t want to get cold because I wasn’t prepared.

Don’t dress for how you feel when you first step out the door

I always have to remind myself not to dress to feel warm when I first step out the door but to feel slightly cool. If I forget and dress too warm, even though it’s comfortable at first, I will start feeling way too warm once I get about half an hour into my run.

Don’t forget gloves!

On my weekend runs, I’ve found myself bringing along lightweight gloves more often than not. With the sun sometimes not out and the cooler morning weather, gloves help keep heat in and my hands warm (especially on my long runs where I’m carrying weather). Plus they are super easy to stuff into my handheld pocket (or if I need to, in my bra) if I find my hands get too warm.

Plan a looped run

This might not be the most fun run but I found during my pace run last Saturday that passing by my car midway through was really helpful. I had been wearing a long sleeved shirt plus a running jacket since it was really windy outside (gusts of 25+ mph). It was comfortable for the first loop but I knew I was warming up and I’d be getting warmer as I started the second loop and got out of the wind. So I dropped the jacket off at my car and held onto my gloves (luckily I didn’t throw them in the car because once I got back into the wind I needed them).

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