November Goals

We’re coming up on a new month and this will be where the bulk of my 10K training is since the Reindeer Run is on December 8th! So my goals are going to be focusing around that race training along with self care.

  • Pace runs: I have two pace runs in November (with a third on December 1 so it’s basically in November) and my goal is to keep to my 8:50 goal pace. No going crazy fast like I did for my first pace run because I want to dial in what it feels like to run at my goal pace. Plus I’m hoping to run at Lake Harriet for these runs since it’s the flat course I’ll be racing on.

  • Get in a third core session in on a non-cross training day

  • Focus on hip opening stretches after runs

  • Sleep in on the weekends

  • Continue my nightly meditation practice

What are you goals for November? Share them in the comments!

November 2018 Goals  Pinterest.jpg