Weekly Workout Report: October 22-28

A gorgeous week of running again as I finished off my second week of training for the Reindeer Run 10K. Just one speedwork run this week but I ran a double digit long run for the first time since July. Let’s get into it!

Monday, October 22

I love that my Monday weights session includes a lot of exercises that challenge my balance like single leg deadlifts. It feels so great when I can add on weights like I did today!

Plus spin class didn't feel as bad as I thought it would after the tough runs this weekend. I had the resistance down a little bit more and was able to put on a little bit of speed.

Tuesday, October 23

3.28 miles ~ 30:01 ~ 9:09 min/mile

Gorgeous fall day for a run but I just felt a little bit off on my tempo run. Averaged a 9:09 pace but my form felt off and hips tight. Hopefully some extra mobility work helps out!

Wednesday, October 24

3 miles ~ 29:00 ~ 9:39 min/mile

An easy three miles today, felt so much better than yesterday's tempo run! My hips felt looser than the day before and I could tell my running form was back to normal.

Thursday, October 25

One more sweaty cross training day of weights and treadmill hill intervals. I'm so ready for some food and thankfully Mike was just finishing up dinner as I got done!

Friday, October 26

Rest day and I was so worn out. After doing a quick vinyasa flow that felt great in coordinating my breathe with the movements, I worked on making a cheesecake to bring up to my parents’ the next day and took an epsom salt bath. Just what I needed on a rest day!

Saturday, October 27

5 miles ~ 51:15 ~ 10:14 min/mile

A nice, easy run on a foggy morning. Felt great and I got in some good mobility work in after!

Sunday, October 28

10 miles ~ 1:40:46 ~ 10:04 min/mile

A nice easy long run along the river and through the University of Minnesota campus. I haven't run double digits since July but it felt really good to just keep running!

Followed it up with a 10 minute core session and mobility work at the gym.

Weekly Effort Summary from Strava

My weekly effort was down from last week, not surprising since I only had one speedwork session and even though my long run was longer it didn’t have as much elevation change. After feeling the tightness in my hips Tuesday and being so worn out on Friday, I know I need to keep on focusing on my recovery and mobility work.

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