September Running in Review

I am 100% sure that September was my best month of running that I can remember. Even better than any of the months during marathon training where I broke distance PRs or when I had a great goal race. And for me, it’s strange to think that the I’ve felt during my runs isn’t coming while training for a race. It came when I haven’t run a race in four months and don’t have a race on the calendar at all.

September 2018 Mileage.jpg

And big part of why it’s felt so great is that I’m running faster without feeling like I’m pushing myself at all. My average pace for the month dropped 45 seconds, from 10:30 to 9:45. That is amazing. Part of it is because it’s cooler and less humid than August (I see a faster pace each year in September) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an average pace under 10 minutes for an entire month of running.

Not only am I running faster, but I feel strong on these runs and I’ve been injury free….well, except for the stitches on my finger but that’s not really a running related injury. Of course, it’s only been a month of running faster so I need to make sure I keep on top of my cross training and mobility to keep injuries away. But I’m confident that October will be another great month of running!

Let me know how your September was in the comments and also what goals you have for October (especially if you have a race coming up)!

September Running in Review Pinterest.jpg