What I Eat in a Day: Working From Home

It’s been a little bit since I shared a “what I eat in a day” post so I thought I’d share what I ate while working from home last Tuesday. Of course, I wasn’t “at home” the entire time since I got my stitches out and spent some time working from the car dealership so it’s interesting how I worked my food around these appointments and my run.

I’m coming up on the sixth month mark of intuitive eating and I’m settling into eating based on how I feel versus eating to fulfill specific macro/calorie goals. One thing that has changed since I started intuitive eating is that it’s a lot easier for me to get in vegetables and I’m not eating as much fruit as I had been. Which is so interesting since getting in enough vegetables in the past has been harder and now I’m eating a ton of them without realizing. Which you might have realized from the recipes I’ve been sharing lately.

So let’s get on with how I ate in a day working “from home”!



Even though I was working from home, I still got up at my normal time so I ate breakfast at 5 a.m. I had shredded a bunch of carrots earlier in the week so I made my Golden Milk oatmeal along with coffee. It’s so chilly when I wake up (we keep the temperature lower at night since we sleep better but it’s chilly when I’m not in bed) so this breakfast always warms me up!

Car Dealership


Even though I had breakfast at about 5 a.m., I wasn’t feeling that hungry while waiting for my car’s oil change to be done. My appointment was at 10:30 a.m. and I was there until noon (my car needed some lights replaced so it took longer) but I just sipped on some coffee while working. Usually I’ve brought a RXBar or Larabar while waiting for my car but with how close it would be to lunch I didn’t feel like I needed to. Plus, if I got really hungry, there was a bunch of Chewy bars and fruit by the coffee/tea area.



Even though I wasn’t hungry at the car dealership, by the time I got home I was! We had leftover chicken, sweet potato and kale soup in the fridge and i decided to top that with some parmesan cheese. Since it’s very fall-like outside, this soup was the perfect thing to warm me up.



Even with a later than usual lunch (I didn’t get home from the dealership until 90 minutes after my usual lunch time), I still wanted to eat a snack before getting out for my run. I didn’t eat a ton for my lunch (just the soup) and I had a harder 5K interval workout planned so I ate a Larabar 60 minutes before I planned to gout. Larabars have been my go-to pre-workout snack and I’ve found that eating one about 60-90 minutes before my workout keeps me fueled without my stomach getting upset.


Even though I had the Larabar before my run, I was so hungry once I got back. Which makes sense since I had run hard (8:30 average pace for 3 miles!) and I didn’t have much food earlier in the day, especially when it comes down to foods that have fat. So I made a nice, warm protein cake with berries, cocoa powder, protein powder and peanut butter. So delicious!



After my post-run snack and showering, I was still feeling hungry. It was a good thing that dinner didn’t take too long to make. I made a spinach-mozzarella ciabatta loaf along with salmon. My load slice was probably a little bit too big considering I’d just eaten but I love ciabatta and it was delicious.



As with most nights, I settled down for a cup of Sleepytime tea after my meditation. Mike was super nice and made it while I meditating so I just had to sit down and sip on it while watching The Gong Show.

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