Weekly Running in Review: October 1-7

The first week of October is gone and fall is here in Minnesota! It was gorgeous running weather and I enjoyed just being outside so much. I felt some FOMO this week because it was Twin Cities Marathon weekend and I wasn’t running any of the events, which I haven’t done since my first 5K in 2014. Let’s get into it!

Monday, October 1

It felt so good to get back to weights and spin class, haven't done either for two weeks! I made sure to stretch and foam rolling when I got home just to make sure I didn’t get any soreness or tight muscles from taking a break from these activities for a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, October 2

3 miles ~ 25:44 ~ 8:33 min/mile

An even speedier interval run than I was expecting! My fast paces were around 8 minute pace (with one towards the end at about 8:30) and my recovery paces were about 9 minute pace. Legs were feeling good but I was pushing it at the end. My stitches also came out so it was nice not to have those in anymore! I did a what I eat in a day post for this day if you want to check it out!

Wednesday, October 3

3 miles ~ 29:15 ~ 9:44 min/mile

I had a late meeting on Wednesday so I ran before work and went in a little later. Had to dig out the headlamp because even at 6 am, the sun is not even close to coming up. It felt really great to get in an easy run after yesterday's intervals. Mike and I went to a concert that night and my legs felt really good, no soreness or tightness at all!

Thursday, October 4

4 miles ~ 39:04 ~ 9:45 min/mile

A great, easy paced run follows by a quick core and foam rolling session! Everything is feeling great running faster so hopefully it stays that way. I’m also adding in an extra mile to my Thursday runs since my running has been feeling really good lately.

Friday, October 5

I didn’t get anything but walking in this day (and didn’t hit my 12,500 step goal either). Mike was the videographer for his cousin’s wedding so we went to the rehearsal and dinner afterwards. Hopefully next week I’ll get in a good yoga session since I haven’t done a longer one in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, October 6

5 miles ~ 48:30 ~ 9:41 min/mile

Gorgeous morning for a run! It was grey and a bit chilly but I'm feeling so much happier with my running lately. We had the wedding that afternoon and Mike and I had a great time (especially dancing after dinner!)

Sunday, October 7

8 miles ~ 1:21:54 ~ 10:14 min/mile

I took my run out to Theodore Wirth since the Twin Cities Marathon and 10 Mile was happening on my regular routes! But it meant I got to explore new paths and enjoy some fall colors.

Weekly Effort Summary from Strava

I kept my effort within the “steady progress” range, which means I’m building my fitness levels! I was again at the upper range of this and could have easily gone into above my normal range, which would have increased my risk of injury or overtraining. But so far, everything is feeling good at these faster paces and it’s helping me to keep an eye on my pace during my non-speedwork runs to make sure I’m not pushing too fast.

My body also felt great after adding back in weights and spin class. No extra soreness or tightness at all (although I have felt a little bit sleepy this week but that might have also been because we were busy all week long).

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