Training Tips Tuesday #40: My Three Top Tips for Marathon Recovery

This past weekend was a big for marathons so I’m sure there are at least a couple of you who are recovering from tackling 26.2. Today, even though I didn’t run a marathon this last weekend, I wanted to share my top tips for marathon recovery that I learned from my first two marathons.

  • Keep moving after the marathon: my recovery after the Eau Claire Marathon was so much better than Twin Cities and I think a major part is I didn’t just lay (or sit) around the rest of the day after the marathon. I got out for a (very slow) 20 minute walk about five hours post-marathon which I believe really helped my legs feel better.

  • Book a massage: I love my monthly massages but a post-marathon massage really helped my recovery. I had mine within a couple days of the marathon and it was so relaxing and helped loosen up my tight spots that I couldn’t reach with a foam roller.

  • Elevate your legs: for the first day after both Twin Cities and Eau Claire, I kept my legs elevated with pillows whenever I was sitting or laying down. This really helped my legs not feel like they were constantly twitching (which helped me sleep through the night) and just felt more comfortable.

Did you ran a marathon this past weekend? Let me know how it went and how your recovery is going in the comments!

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