Weekly Workout Report November 5-11

Minnesota is back into winter weather again. Even as it colder outside (and eventually we got snow), my runs and workouts still felt great. Plus I took a vacation day and had an awesome yoga class. Let’s get into it!

Monday, November 5

Back to weights and spin class! It was a tough workout but it felt great to get back in the saddle again. Plus, I got to wear my new Nike Flex Trainers which are so cute and comfortable!

Tuesday, November 6

3.34 miles ~ 30:03 ~ 9 min/mile


Even with the cold, wind and snow, I had an awesome tempo run today! 9 minute average pace with my build-up section at an 8:33 pace, right around my 5K pace.

I'm feeling so good about the Reindeer Run 10K in December!

Wednesday, November 7

3 miles ~ 27:55 ~ 9:17 min/mile


I don't know if it's the colder weather, that I'm getting stronger or a combination of things but this was an awesome run! Averaged a 9:17 pace and it barely felt like I was pushing myself. I can't wait to crush a 10K PR in December!

Thursday, November 8

Cross training day today and I'm feeling so strong from these twice a week strength training sessions. My back is really getting tight from it so I'm working on using a tennis ball to target the tight spots every night.

Friday is a rest day and a vacation day, I'm so excited to get in a morning yoga class at the gym!

Friday, November 9

I took a vacation day today (since I have a week of vacation days that won't roll over) so it's been a low key day. Slept 9.5 hours (we were worn out and went to bed about 8:30), took Vinnie on a walk in the snow and headed for a morning yoga class!

I haven't gone to a yoga class since this summer and it felt so good! I've been mainly doing shorter yoga videos at home and it felt great to get in a full hour. Plus it really helped stretch out my back and shoulders.

Saturday, November 10

5 miles ~46:43 ~ 9:20 min/mile

Great feeling run this morning in 15 degree weather! I felt completely comfortable and just run what felt good. So not even splits but I don't have a problem with that.

Sunday, November 11

10 miles ~ 1:39:00 ~9:53 min/mile


Awesome feeling long run this morning! The snow made it a little tricky at points but no falls and I got a double digit long run in again.

This week was a great training wise, but at the end of it I’m feeling so worn out. I’m sure part of it is because we dog-watchted for my in-laws over the weekend and I didn’t sleep that great at their house, but I know I need to be working more on recovery. I’ve been getting in tons of sleep but my foam rolling and mobility has been so-so (as I could tell when I got my massage). So hopefully this next week continues to go well and I don’t see an effect on how I’m feeling right now!

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