Trainining Tips Tuesday #45: Changing Up Interval Runs For The Treadmill

It’s come to that time in the year where I need to think carefully about where I’m running, outside or on the treadmill. And, for my interval runs at least, I’m taking those to the treadmill for a while.

The biggest factor in this is that sunset is about 4:47 p.m. and it’s going to be too dark to be safe running at 5K pace during the winter. We’ve only had a couple of really cold days and a little bit of snow, but there’s scattered patches of ice along the paths. It’s just not worth it risking stepping wrong at 5K pace since I have easy access to treadmills both at the apartment gym and LA Fitness.

But I will be switching up my 5K pace intervals for running on the treadmill. Instead of doing 400m (~¼ mile) repeats I’ll be bumping it up to 800m (~ ½ mile) repeats. This will make transitions a lot smoother since it takes treadmills more time to switch between speeds and I won’t have to be messing around with the treadmill as much. I’ll also be setting the treadmill on a 2.0% incline since I won’t the resistance of the wind or natural incline (although there’s maybe 42 feet of elevation gain on the route I take by the apartment and 11 feet on the Reindeer Run 10K course).

I’m hoping making this switch will prevent injuries caused by slipping on the ice while still allowing me to keep up with my speedwork as it gets colder, darker and icy outside. Are you starting to look at moving some of your runs to a treadmill? Let me know how you are modifying your runs when you switch to more treadmill running in the comments!

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