Weekly Running Report: November 12-18

I am officially halfway through training for the Reindeer Run 10K and it is going awesome! Especially this week with an awesome pace run plus a great yoga session on my rest day. Let’s get into it!

Monday, November 12

Some days, working out is easier than others. Today's workout wasn't the worst but I had to pull back some from my normal Monday.

Between a little bit of a cold and recovering from this weekend's workouts, I had to pay attention to my body so i wasn't pushing too hard. Now it's time to refuel with waffles and a bath!

Tuesday, November 13

3 miles ~ 27:10 ~ 9:02 min/mile

5K pace intervals on the treadmill after work. I switched up the length to 1/2 mile repeats since it's easier switching up the speed less often on the treadmill. And I was a sweaty mess afterwards!

Intervals felt great even though I could tell I was pushing it. Kept all my pace intervals between 8:30-8:35 which isn't too bad for trying to figure out where the treadmill speed needed to be for my pace.

Wednesday, November 14

3 miles ~ 29:11 ~ 9:42 min/mile

Nice easy run after work, caught the last bit of sun since I ran right from work!

Thursday, November 15

Great cross training day as I get ready for a long week off of work. One more day tomorrow and then I'm off until after Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16

After being able to take an hour long yoga class last week, I decided to try and little bit longer yoga video on my rest day. And it was just what I needed to keep my mind engaged! Usually, I find myself getting a little bit bored with the shorter (15-20 minute) yoga videos but this felt a lot less rushed and I was able to work on each pose. Plus, it ended with some handstand prep by doing kick ups which was lots of fun!

Saturday, November 17

5 miles ~ 42:11 ~ 8:25 min/mile

An awesome feeling 10K pace run (which I ran faster than 10K pace....but who's keeping track?)! It was a gorgeous morning for a run and I felt smooth running at these paces.

Mile 1: 8:18

Mile 2: 8:22

Mile 3: 8: 27

Mile 4: 8:29

Mile 5: 8:30

Sunday, November 18

8 miles ~ 1:16:57~ 9:37 min/mile

20181118_110357-01 (1).jpeg

Chilly long run along the river this morning. My handheld sprung a leak so I had to ditch it after the first mile and had wet (then frozen) mittens for the rest of the run.

This last week of running, I’m feeling a lot more rested and less worn out than last week. I did have a massage on Sunday which helped a ton, plus I’ve been getting a lot more sleep. I got 9-10 hours of sleep each night over the weekend!

Hopefully, being off of work this next week keeps me feeling less worn out because I’ll have even more time for mobility and stretching. Plus, I’m going to be trying for a 5K PR at the Turkey Trot Mike, Vinnie and I are doing with Mike’s family! It won’t be an official chip timed PR since (as far as I know) this race isn’t chip timed) but I’m hoping get a sub-26 5K time.

How did your last week go, are you training for any races or dealing with colder weather? Let me know in the comments!

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