Training Tips Tuesday #46: What Am I Doing For My Mobility Work?

Mobility work is so important to help you move through a full range of motion, both in your workouts and in everyday life. This helps prevent injuries by making sure you aren’t compensating for a tight joint by relying on other areas to take over. So let’s take a look at how I incorporate mobility work on a daily basis in ways that are easy and take less than 10 minutes.

Dynamic Warm Up


Not only do I do dynamic warm ups before my runs but the NTC app also includes a short warm up section before getting into the main workout. For both, I go through a full range of motion that helps my body get warmed up and prepped for harder work plus it helps me realize any areas that are tighter than normal (usually from sitting at a desk all day long).

Check out my pre-run dynamic warm up routine!

Yoga and Stretches


Lately, I’ve been drawn more to mobility focused yoga routines that flow from movement to movement instead of a static holding of positions. This means my body is going through a fuller range of motion, although it’s still mainly working on flexibility,

I’ve also been focused on using yoga poses in my post-run stretches to help with flexibility in specific spots: glutes, hips and IT band. These don’t fix mobility issues on their own but help improve the range of motion when used along with other forms of mobility work.

Check out how my love of yoga changed after I was done with marathon training.

Trigger Point Release and Foam Rolling


These are my favorite forms of Self-Myofascial Release (SMR). I try to foam roll after every workout (although I’m less likely to that after my weight training sessions) and I do use a tennis ball to do trigger point release on my upper back a couple of times a week.

Check out what trigger point release is and what my foam rolling routine is!

How do you incorporate mobility work into your fitness routine?

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