Five Tips to Keep Motivated for Winter Running

It’s hard to get yourself motivated to run during the winter sometimes, whether you are staring down a snowy path or the treadmill. The bed is so nice and cozy while it’s cold, snowy and sometimes even dark outside. But you know you’ll feel just as great once you get done with your run, sometimes you just need a motivational boost. Check out these five tips for keeping your motivation up during the winter!

Give Yourself a Post-Run Carrot

Sometimes, I just need to have something waiting for me after my run to get me pumped up to head out into the cold. Whether it’s brunch out with a friend, a post-run sweet treat or just a warm bath, you know you are running for something even when the going gets tough (and cold).

Be Flexible with Pace and Mileage

Especially if you are mainly doing base mileage during the winter, don’t worry about getting slower or having to cut a run short based on what the weather is like outside. You’re still getting in a great workout even if it’s not as fast or long as you were hoping. And the thaw is coming soon!

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Sign Up For a Race

Having a spring race is a great way to keep motivated for winter running, especially if you are like me in planning out your runs. It’s makes getting out in a Minnesota so much better if I know I’m working towards a big goal (especially last year when I was training for the Eau Claire Marathon). And right now, I’m really motivated to get out for some colder runs as I look towards a 10K race in early December!

Enjoy the Perks of Being a Badass Winter Runner

Whether you run outside in the winter or on the treadmill, you can still feel great about getting a run in while it’s cold (and maybe snowy) outside. You skipped the comfort of just staying in bed, got on workout clothes and pounded some miles. Go you!

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Buy Some Fun Gear

My winter running gear is full of fun colors that makes me feel great while also being comfortable on the run. It gives me a huge boost of confidence that I’m going to rock my run plus I’m usually wearing some previous race shirts that remind me of how hard I’m able to work towards a goal.

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