Weekly Workout Report: November 19-25

I was off of work all this week (woo for vacation time!) so it was a great week of relaxing along with working out. Plus I had a great Turkey Trot 5K. Let’s get into it!

Monday, November 19

A great cross training day, I'm over the cold from last week and was able to push myself again!

I'm also excited that I bumped up the weights and it didn't feel as hard as I thought it would. Still had to give it a little bit extra on the last couple of reps but I still had great form.

Tuesday, November 20

3.35 miles ~ 30:03 ~ 8:58 min/mile

One of the best parts about vacations is getting in my speedwork before the sun goes down!

It's getting cold in Minnesota but my tempo run still felt great. I was debating doing this versus an easy run since I have a turkey trot on Thursday that I'm hoping to PR at. But speedwork won out because it's fun!

Wednesday, November 21

Another great day of cross training done! I moved it from Thursday to Wednesday since I was planning on racing at a Turkey Trot on Thursday. It was so nice to do weights at the gym when it's not crazy busy. Plus I got in a good 45 minutes on the elliptical.

Thursday, November 22

3.16 miles ~ 24:55 ~ 7:54 min/mile

n awesome day for a 5K and I ended up with a new 5K PR! The end was a bit shaky with an uphill that I walked a little but got right back on a good pace. Plus then I got to enjoy Thanksgiving with the in-laws. Check out my race recap!

Friday, November 23

Started off this Friday with a lovely yoga class followed by a little sweating on the stairmaster. It felt so good after yesterday's 5K PR!

Saturday, November 24

5 miles ~ 46:45 ~ 9:20 min/mile

Great feeling run this morning, my legs felt awesome after Thursday's Turkey Trot! Took some extra time at the gym to get in a core session and trigger point release on my glutes.

Sunday, November 25

8 miles ~ 1:19:25 ~ 9:55 min/mile

Sunny morning for a long run along the river and Minnehaha Avenue. Kept my pace pretty consistent at the beginning and slowed down in the last mile.