October Running in Review

October 2018 Mileage.jpg

October was another amazing month of running! Not only did I keep up my faster paces but I also signed up for a December 10K and started training for a PR at that race. Plus, I had my first double digit long run since July. I was a little bit worried that September was a fluke for running but it turns out it wasn’t!


My mileage went down in October since I switched out one of my runs for a second cross training day. I really think this is helping even out the faster paces I’m running and keeping me running injury free, along with focusing on mobility and recovery more.

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I had two favorite runs this month, both were vastly different long runs. The first was my eight mile long run at Afton State Park on the 21st. Even though it was chilly and there was walking uphill at points, it was the perfect fall run. The trees were golden and every once in a while a couple of leaves would fall to the ground. It was also my longest trail run and I felt really good after it!

My second favorite run in October was my ten mile run along the Mississippi River. I ran a somewhat new route through the University of Minnesota campus and it was just a calming way to start my day, especially since I was feeling a little bit down that morning. Plus, I got plenty of elevation changes (that aren’t as steep as Afton) so I was challenged to keep on pushing up those hills.

How was your October for running? Share your favorite run in the comments!

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