Weekly Workout Report October 29- November 4

A busy week to end October and start a new month! I’m definitely feeling the double speedwork week and am finishing off the week with some relaxation after my long run. Let’s get into it!

Monday, October 29

I was not feeling the greatest this morning but was feeling good enough by late afternoon to some light cardio and bodyweight exercises.

Tuesday, October 30

3 miles ~ 26:47 ~ 8:52 min/mile

I could have ran my 5K pace intervals a lot smarter. I let myself go out too fast in the first two miles and the last one was a slog. Hopefully my 10K pace run on Friday turns out better (and it will if I stick with my pace)!

Wednesday, October 31

3 miles ~ 30:21 ~ 10:06 min/mile


Nice, easy run to finish off October! Pacing felt a lot better although I was having some stomach issues towards the end. But I made it through without any problems!

Thursday, November 1

First workout of November is done! I had a late meeting this night so I worked out first thing and went into work later.

Back to my regular strength training with the Triple Threat workout on the NTC app and the stairmaster at LA Fitness. Seriously, 45 minutes on the stairmaster is a killer, it got my heart rate up there more than my usual elliptical workout!

Friday, November 2

5 miles ~ 44:01 ~ 8:47 min/mile

Normally I don't run on Fridays but Mike's participating in ExtraLife and I'm heading up to St. Cloud with Vinnie tomorrow. So I did my 10K pace run today instead!

I was worried about running at my 10K pace (8:50) since I haven't had a rest day and was running hard after a full day of work. But I pulled it with much better pacing this time (although I had to really pull myself through the last mile). Now to relax tonight, eat some food and get ready for a rest day tomorrow!

Saturday, November 3

Rest day for me but I didn’t feel like I got a whole bunch of rest in! Vinnie and I dropped off Mike so he could go play video games for 24 hours and we headed up to St. Cloud. Once we got up there, my mom and I took all three of the dogs a walk before we headed out shopping. And then it was back to the Cities for us. I did get to relax after dinner and finished off the with a pre-bedtime yoga flow which was so relaxing.

Sunday, November 4

8 miles ~ 1:20:04 ~ 10:04 min/mile

Cold and wet long run, I was glad to get out for this but I wasn't feeling that great at the end. I'm just not ready yet for winter running and this was a little (much wetter) taste of it. By the time I got done grocery shopping and did some foam rolling and stretching at home, I was done with working out. I tried getting in a core session but my body just wasn’t having it. So I showered and had some chocolate waffles with peanut butter and berries instead!

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