Weekly Workout Report: December 10-16

Now that I’ve finished my 2018 race season, I’m taking it easier and doing as much during my workouts that feel good. I’ve been pushing my body hard for over 18 months between training for two marathons and keeping my running pretty hard over the summer so now it’s time to give it a little rest. Let’s get into it!

Monday, December 10

Weights and treadmill hill intervals tonight. It might be chilly outside but I got a sweat on inside!

Tuesday, December 11

3 miles ~ 30:13 ~ 10:03 min/mile

A nice, easy treadmill run after work followed by a short nap. The perfect way to get ready for Tuesday night’s #Bibchat!

Wednesday, December 12

3 miles ~ 30:08 ~ 10:02 min/mile

Another easy treadmill run in a new pair of Brooks Ghosts. I can't wait to get outside for my weekend miles!

Thursday, December 13

Finishing off the work week with weights and some walking treadmill hill intervals! I'm taking (another) vacation day tomorrow which means I'll get in another yoga class.

Friday, December 14


A day off from work means morning yoga class and Nuun!

Saturday, December 15

4 miles ~ 39:25 ~ 9:50 min/mile

A nice easy run outside in the sun! It was still in the low 20s but running in the sun felt amazing.

Sunday, December 16

5.5 miles ~ 55:31 ~ 10:05 min/mile

Another gorgeous run in the sun! I'm sad to see to see all the snow disappearing right before Christmas but it does make for wonderful running weather.

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