Big Annoucement!

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I’m so excited to announce that I’m joining the awesome team of BibRave Pros! I was so excited when I first found out earlier this month and I’m so glad I can officially announce it. I’ve been joining in #BibChat almost every Tuesday for over a year and listening to the Bibrave Podcast as well. I’m so glad to be joining this amazing group of runners.

So what is BibRave? It’s a place where runners can research and review races, plus they have an awesome community-generated list of the best races in America, the BibRave 100. There is also one of my favorite running podcasts, the BibRave podcast, plus #BibChat every Tuesday at 8 PM CST where you can connect and chat with runners all over the world.

What does this mean you? It means more gear and race reviews plus DISCOUNTS!!! Both on races and amazing gear. I’m working on getting my discount page up and my first gear review will be up in early January (Zwift Virtual Run which looks like it will be an awesome way to mix up my treadmill runs this winter) I can’t wait for this new adventure and everything coming in 2019!

Make sure to check out BibRave on Twitter, Instagram and listen to the BibRave podcast. Plus join me for #BibChat every Tuesday at 8 PM CST (except for this Tuesday since #BibChat is on a Christmas break).

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