Weekly Workout Report: December 17-23

One more short week at work before my long Christmas break started! It was still a busy week between getting ready for family Christmases (gift wrapping, baking and cooking), my work’s holiday party and my parents coming down for a visit. But let’s get into my workouts for the week!

Monday, December 17

Back at it with weights and spin class tonight! I'm so glad I was able to make it spin class since there's no class for the next two weeks due to the holidays.

Tuesday, December 18

3 miles ~ 30:55 ~ 10:18 min/mile

Some nice, easy treadmill miles after work while watching an episode of Reign (the series I’m currently working my way through on Netflix).

Wednesday, December 19

3 miles ~ 30:35 ~ 10:11 min/mile

20181219_171145 (1).jpg

Not feeling the greatest but managed a couple of easy treadmill miles. And then curled up on the couch and relaxed!

Thursday, December 20

20181220_083316-01 (1).jpg

Started off my Christmas break with weights and cardio! It's so nice to use the apartment gym when it's not busy.

Friday, December 21

20181221_072942 (1).jpg

Yoga by the Christmas tree this morning while Vinnie napped and then I stopped at the gym for some cardio before grocery shopping.

Saturday, December 22

4 miles ~ 41:22 ~ 10:19 min/mile

A nice, easy run this morning before a busy day. I had to take a couple of walking breaks but overall it was great to be running outside!

Sunday, December 23

5 miles ~ 52:24 ~10:28 min/mile

20181223_091440 (1).jpg

A nice easy run along the Mississippi River with some freshly fallen snow along the path this morning.

Weekly Workout Report_ December 17-23 Pinterest.jpg