13 Pratical Ways I Practice Self Care

It’s been so busy in December between work and everything going on in my personal life, that it’s been hard to make time for self care. And, it’s not practical for me to spend my time or money on things that a lot of people consider self care (like spa days, although I do make room in my budget for a monthly massage). So today I wanted to share thirteen ways I practice self care in practical and realistic ways (that hopefully, I will be better about making the time for in 2019).

  • Spending time reading a book rather than scrolling

  • Taking an extra long shower or a bubble bath

  • Going for a walk by myself (without Vinnie who stops every five seconds to sniff)

  • Meditation (which I haven’t done at all in December)

  • Lighting a candle or turning on the diffuser

  • Watching a guilty pleasure show (currently working my way through Reign)

  • Non-obligation knitting

  • Snuggles with Vinnie

  • Cooking and baking

  • Take a short nap

  • Spending time stretching out the tight spots

  • Giving my self a manicure

  • Cozying up with a blanket and tea

What are some easy, realistic ways you work self care into your everyday life?

13 Pratical Ways I Practice Self Care Pinterest.jpg