Weekly Running Report: November 26-December 2

We’ve finished off another month and are into the final month of 2018! It’s finally looking like winter in Minnesota with the snow (and cold) that came in at the end of the week which also meant I got in my weekend runs on the treadmill. Let’s get into it!

Monday, November 26


I was feeling pretty tired after work so instead of heading to spin class after my strength training, I decided to go on the elliptical instead. And then I spent the rest of the night curled up on the couch watching TV!

Tuesday, November 27

3 miles ~ 29:50 ~ 9:55 min/mile


A nice, easy paced run after work. I wasn't sure how I'd feel running in this cold weather but I felt perfectly comfortable. Tomorrow's looking like a snow run!

Wednesday, November 28

3 miles ~ 31:10 ~ 10:13 min/mile

Another easy paced run after work, enjoying the snow falling down!

Thursday, November 29


Vacation day so I got my cross training workout in early at the gym before my eye doctors appointment! The gym was nice and empty and it felt really good, except that I had to go down in how heavy my weights were for a couple of things towards the end.

Friday, November 30

I was so exhausted after work so a nice, easy yoga session was just I needed. Plus, Mike was making cookies as I did my yoga so it smelt wonderful in the apartment!

Saturday, December 1

5 miles ~ 51:35 ~ 10:19 min/mile


Nice, easy treadmill run before sunrise! We're doing Christmas tree decorating with my in-laws today so I needed to get my run in much earlier than normal.

Sunday, December 2

7 miles ~ 1:12:31 ~ 10:21 min/mile


With the snow we got later in the day yesterday, I figured the treadmill would be the better option than trying to get through unshoveled sidewalks. So I listened to Michelle Obama's new book Becoming as I got in my miles!