Listening to and Reading: Fall 2018

Now that it’s December and is looking like winter in Minnesota, I thought I’d share some of my favorite books and podcasts from over the fall! I didn’t finish many books over the fall (I’ve got several I’m in the middle of that I’m on hold lists from the library) so this list is much more podcast focused. Don’t forget to share your favorite books and podcasts in the comments!

Becoming by Michelle Obama

I was so lucky to get on the waiting list for the audiobook version of this at the perfect time so I got to check it out on the same day it was released. It was an awesome listen about the Obama presidency from Michelle's POV and it brought things to m attention I wouldn’t have thought of before.

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

I’ve been on mystery/thriller kick this summer and when I read this description, I had to read it. Especially when I saw it was also slated to be turned into a movie. It took a little bit to keep track of who was who but I was really pulled into the storyline and couldn’t get through it fast enough.

Sold in America

I first heard about Sold in America when the host, Noor Tagouri, was on an episode of another podcast favorite of mine Unladylike. They later had the first episode of Sold in America in their feed and I was immediately drawn in by it. It’s not the normal type of podcast I would listen to but Noor does an awesome job of navigating the world of selling sex in the United States and interviewing those in/who have been in the industry.

The Broadswords

I’ve been listening to this from almost the first episode and I’ve loved seeing this all-female DnD podcast grow during their first season. It’s an awesome story to listen to and I cannot wait for season 2!

Trends like These

This is my go-to weekly round-up of everything happening in the news. I’ve found that Travis, Brent, and Courtney do an awesome job of researching news stories (which I imagine can emotionally draining given the current news cycle) and presenting a round-up of everything going on. Plus, Courtney does the most amazing dramatic readings.

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