Training Tips Tuesday #7

Something that i’ve been enjoying after my weekend runs has been spending time in the sauna. During my summer training, I loved nothing more than a cool bath post-run but with all this cold I want something more. Of course, I still love my hot baths but the sauna is just a different form of relaxation.

I love how the sauna gives me time away from electronics (because heat and smartphones don’t mix) and the dark, heated room is so calming. Usually I have the gym sauna to myself which means I feel more comfortable throwing my legs up the wall or doing some self-massage.

Speaking of self-massage, the sauna makes it feel so much better on my legs. It’s probably because the heat warms them up more. So it feels awesome to dig into my calves after I’ve been in there for a couple of minutes. Well, not awesome but you know what I mean.

Have you tried out a sauna post-run? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments!