My Running Loves

Since it is Valentine's Day, I figured not to do a running rant like I had originally put on the calendar. Seriously, a running rant on Valentine's Day? I was not thinking when putting together the calendar. So instead of me pouring my heart about something that’s bothering my on my runs (which is coming up!), here are some of my running loves.

Favorite Flavor Of Gu

Lemon Sublime, not doubt. While I love my sweets (and the Chocolate Outrage is just like eating frosting) my go-to Gus are always the fruity flavors. And I love the sour taste of Lemon Sublime, perfectly tangy on the run.

Favorite Running Partner

20171007_104739 (1).jpg

Well, since Vinnie is no longer able to run, I’d have to say Mike (even though he’s usually on the bike and not running). It’s just nice to be doing something together that’s not dinner or a movie plus he’s so supportive of my running. And he hasn't tried to run after any squirrels like Vinnie did on our runs.

Running Gear I Can’t Live Without

My Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headphones. I do not like running without music, an audiobook or podcast. I just need that distraction and time to myself. So I love my Jabra headphones because they are small and compact and last for hours, plus no cords for me to get tangled up in!

Favorite Stretch

Pigeon pose. It’s a difficult pose for me to hold but it’s awesome post-run for stretching out my hips. Plus it’s a reminder of how flexible I’ve gotten since it was such a difficult pose for me to get into at first.

Most Loved Medal

20171001_162553 (1).jpg

My Twin Cities Marathon medal. Mostly because it was my first marathon and the most serious training I’d had up to that point. But it’s also a super unique design that incorporates both the distance and the Twin Cities in Motion leaf. And it’s super heavy. If someone broke into the apartment, I could do some serious damage with that medal.

The Song I’ll Always Sing Along To


Well, it’s not as much as anything Hamilton related. They are just fun and have an awesome beat. Plus we are seeing it on September 1! So if you running in the Twin CIties and pass someone singing Hamilton songs, it’s probably me. I’m sorry that you had to hear as I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

What are some of your running loves? Let me know in the comments!