A Little Running Rant

Well, after yesterday’s love-fest, I’ve got to bring the mood down a little with a running rant.

I’ve been doing of my runs this training cycle along the Mississippi River (which is also where I did my weekend runs for Twin Cities Marathon training). And there’s a couple of universities in the area which means the paths are taken care of really well because they are used a ton.

But, I swear these college runners are the worst. I don’t know if they are running for a class or a sport but they come in a good-sized pack (around 10-15 people) and take over the entire path. And it’s not a narrow path either, even with the ice/snow that’s built up. They are running three or four people across the path. And they don’t move over for people coming the opposite way.

I’ve had to jump off the path and into the snow a couple of times for these groups. It just blows my mind that they don’t even think about moving over a little for other runners (or walkers or bikers). One of these days, I’m going to just keep on running on my side of the path without moving and it’s their fault if they get run into. You can easily see people coming down the path and they’d have to move a little bit over for a couple of seconds while I pass.

I feel a little better now that I’ve gotten this rant off my chest. Do you have a running rant? Let it out in the comments so you can feel better!