How I'm Getting Back Into Marathon Training After Being Sick

Well, I thought I was going to be able to miss the flu but I spent Thursday sick. Mike had gotten the flu on Tuesday and came home early. He was still sick on Wednesday but I was still feeling fine and thought maybe it had skipped over me.

But then I woke up Thursday morning feeling off. At first, I thought it was because I’ve upped my mileage and my body needed more calories. Which I was planning to up my carbs on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. But once I sat down to eat breakfast, I knew it was something else. My oatmeal just wasn’t appetizing and I made it halfway through before deciding I was sick.

I called in sick to work (not being the first person in the office to have the flu) and spent most of the day napping with Vinnie. I didn’t eat much at all on Thursday besides half of my oatmeal and some toast with peanut butter. And lots of water, some Nuun and Gatorade. When Mike got home, I was feeling somewhat better but still on the fence on how I’d be feeling on Friday.

Luckily, when I got up on Friday I was feeling back to normal and my appetite was back! All that sleeping and fluids really helped (along with Nurse Vinnie’s care) but I wasn’t sure how my body would feel about running. Obviously, I didn’t get in my Thursday four mile easy run and I was hoping to get it in after work on Friday.

My plan for Friday’s run was to keep it nice and easy. Since I didn’t eat much on Thursday, I knew I wasn’t fueled like I normally was. My weight was down 3 lbs from Thursday to Friday just from one day of being sick. I just wanted to test out and see what my body might be up to for my weekend runs.

My splits ended up being up and down over those four miles. The first three were around 10:42-10:53 but I managed to speed up to 10:35 for the last mile. My average heart rate was 156 bpm which is normal for my easy runs so it doesn’t seem like I was working any harder on this run. I’m really happy about how this run turned out because I was afraid with how sick I’d been (even for just one day) that I was really going to cutback this week.

Now, what about this weekend's runs? On the calendar is an 8 mile pace run and a 16 mile long run. And I feel pretty confident about getting those miles in. I’m going to be careful about not pushing my body too hard and listening to it. So that pace run might turn into a mix of half pace/half easy. And I’ve mapped out a long run route that I cut easily cut out some miles if I need to. Of course, I’ll be working on getting my eight hours of sleep in this weekend plus a nap post-long run. And eating all the carbs!

Have you been hit by this flu? Let me know in the comments how you got back in running or training once you felt better!