Eau Claire Marathon Training Week Seven

Week seven of training and this is where I’m feeling it’s serious! Sixteen mile long run, forty miles during the week. This is where it starts getting tough and I’ll be digging deep to get through training mentally and physically.

Monday, February 12

Cross-training day again! I’ve been mixing up what I’m doing the elliptical between the different pre-set workouts so I don’t get bored (along with watching Youtube videos). Today I did a ramp up and then ramp down session with the resistance up a little higher than I normally would do. Just a little bit of a challenge but it got me nice and warmed up.

I’m thinking next week I’m going to change up what I’m doing for weights. I’ve been using the Strong Curves template for over four months so it’s time for a change. My plan is to look through the workouts on the Nike Training Club app to see what I want to try out for my weights session. I’ve really been enjoying using this Nike app for my core sessions so I’m excited to try it out for something else.

Tuesday, February 13

4 miles ~ 43:44 ~ 10:54 min/mile

Upping the mileage on all my runs this week so I mixed up my running route a little! I’m still just running around my apartment but I did more of a loop than the out and back three miles I’d been doing. It’s was a nice way to mix up my running without having to cross too many streets.

Pacing felt really great, I tried slowing it down a little in my second mile and ended up going about 11:10 but my other three miles were 10:45-10:50. Which has been pretty consistent on my weekday runs and I’m pretty proud of that. This pace has been feeling easy all along but now I’m being much more consistent in hitting it!


Mike came home sick with the flu today and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get it too. Not only because of marathon training (although this would be a bad time to get sick since I’m ramping up mileage) but I also just hate being sick. I have so much stuff going on and I don’t want to be thrown a curveball. So far, I don’t feel like I’m getting sick at least!

Wednesday, February 14

8 miles ~ 1:26:41 ~ 10:49 min/mile

The weather was perfect for a run this afternoon (well perfect compared to cold temperatures we’ve been having)! I didn’t need a running jacket, hat or gloves since it was sunny and 40°. The wind was a bit chilly after I turned around but if it wasn’t for that I probably would have run in a t-shirt.


My splits were really good with most of them between 10:40-10:50 which felt really good. I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself at all. So maybe I could be training at a faster pace but I’m not going to do that (more on that in a future post). I had one 11:08 mile but I’m not sure why. Just an oddball mile apparently since there wasn’t a steep incline during this split.

Thursday, February 15

Well, you know how I said Mike had the flu? I got it sometime overnight. Luckily, I didn’t have it as bad as he did but it was still no fun. I ate maybe half of my breakfast before realizing that I was sick (and not just feeling tired and sore from training). I napped most of the day but was finally feeling good eating food by about 3 p.m.

So now I’m mixing around my training schedule a little bit since it would not be good to get out for a run today. Instead, I’m taking today as my rest day and getting in an easy four miles on Friday as long as I’m feeling better.

Friday, February 16

4 miles ~43:06 ~ 10:45 min/mile

I was feeling so much when I woke up on Friday! Luckily I had gotten a less severe version of what Mike had and was only out for one day. Sleeping as much as I did probably helped a lot, I got over eight hours of sleep Thursday night plus another seven or eight napping on Thursday.

I went ent out for a nice, easy paced run after I got home from work just to see how my body was doing. My splits ended up being up and down over those four miles. The first three were around 10:42-10:53 but I managed to speed up to 10:35 for the last mile. My average heart rate was 156 bpm which is normal for my easy runs so it doesn’t seem like I was working any harder on this run. I’m really happy about how this run turned out because I was afraid with how sick I’d been (even for just one day) that I was really going to cutback this week.

Saturday, February 17

8 miles ~ 1:23:58 ~ 10:29 min/mile

Even though my Friday test run went fine, I was a little bit nervous about running at marathon pace for eight miles. Not only because I was sick a couple of days ago but also because I didn’t sleep that well Friday night. I woke up with a gassy stomach (and was burping on and off) plus I slept on my shoulder funky and it was stiff.


My plan was to set off at whatever pace felt good, whether it was marathon or easy. And it turned out to be marathon pace! Two of my miles (six and seven) turned out to be close to 10:40 splits but I also walked during these trying to loosen up my shoulder a little. But it felt really good overall even though I could tell I was pushing myself to keep it at marathon pace.

Sunday, February 18

15.5 miles ~ 2:54:00 ~ 11:13 min/mile

I decided to run around the lakes for my long run which I haven’t done since the Twin Cities Marathon. I mapped out a route ahead of time just so I knew sort of where my turnaround point was and so that I could shorten the run if I needed to.

I did end up shortening the run (from 16 to 15.5 miles) just because I spent at least half of the run going into 20 mph winds and my legs were just exhausted from the mileage this week. But up until mile 14 it felt really good!

I did do run/walking the last three miles just because I was starting to feel it in my legs. I did take a Gu on this run (Salted Watermelon at mile eight) but I really should have had one at about mile six and then a second one later in the run. By the time I took the Gu, I was already feeling the tiredness in my legs.

20180218_115018 (1).jpg

Also, I’ll be having Mike drop me off and pick me up from these longer long runs going forward. I was starting to get that brain dead feeling on the way home. Oh, and I ran over something on the road and popped a tire. Luckily, Mike is the best and spent hours waiting for them to fit it in so I could eat and nap.

And there’s another week of mixing up my training done! Next week is another high mileage week (with a 17 mile long run) plus we have Mike’s holiday work party over the weekend. So I’ll be doing my long run on Saturday to avoid a crappy post-party long run.

How did your last week go? Let me know in the comments!