Picture Tour of My Long Run Around the Lakes

screenshot-connect.garmin.com-2018.02.19-09-33-38 (1).png

Today I’m doing something different and sharing some photos from my long run on Sunday, February 18. It was a windy (17-20 mph) and chilly run, plus a little bit tough. I ran a couple of the lakes in Minneapolis (Bde Maka Ska Lake, Lake of the Isles and Lake Harriet) and also a little bit of the Minnehaha Creek.

The view from right at the start of my run, looking out at Bde Maka Ska Lake. I haven’t run the lakes since the Twin Cities Marathon on October 1 and it’s so different looking in the winter!


Lake of the Isles is always so deceptive in how long it takes to run around it. Probably because the isle makes it so you can’t see straight across the lake. Since the lake is frozen, there was plenty of people out on the lake itself. Ice fishing, skiing, walking and even biking!


Back to the other side of Bde Maka Ska Lake. This view is almost looking across to where my car is parked. There was a good amount of traffic on the paths although nowhere as bad as it can get in the summer.

After I finished around Bde Maka Ska, I ran around most of Lake Harriet. I didn’t stop to take a photo because it was so windy and I was running right into it most of the time.


But then I went onto a new to me path! I’ve ran along Minnehaha Parkway closer to the Mississippi River but I haven’t gone along this path from the lakes along Minnehaha Creek. It was just like being in a little wooded area and I found where all the ducks are hanging out. Just around the bend there was a ton more ducks (they were crowded in that little creek).


Finished with the run, pretty exhausted and ready to go home! Running those miles into the wind really takes a toll on you (especially with the cold).