Eau Claire Marathon Training Week 8

Week eight is my second 40+ mile week in a row and I am so glad that next week is a cutback week. While I enjoy running the high mileage, my body needs a lot of extra care to handle it.

Monday, February 19

I was working from home (since they were doing demolition on the floor above us) so I got in my workout a little bit earlier than normal. I was pretty sore from my long run the day before so it felt pretty good to get moving on the elliptical.


And then I did something completely different for my strength training! I did the Glute and Hip Strength workout on the Nike Training Club app. I’d heard about this workout on the Bibrave Podcast a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it out. It was “just” bodyweight exercises but it was pretty tough. And it was a great way to mix it up from what I’ve regularly been doing too.

Tuesday, February 20

4 miles ~ 43:44 ~ 10:56 min/mile

My legs were feeling a bit less sore than Monday (thanks to a hot bath Monday night and wearing compression socks all day at work). It’s a sign that I really need to focus on my warm-ups and foam rolling….which I didn’t do that great for this run. No warm up at all but I did foam roll after dinner so halfway there. Plus I got a core session in too!


I was a little bit worried about how the paths would be since we got some ice/snow Monday that caused traffic problems but there weren’t too bad. I did have to dodge a gigantic puddle which I wasn’t expecting to see today. My pacing was right around my easy pace, probably because the legs are still tired, and it great.  

Wednesday, February 21

8 miles ~ 1:26:22 ~ 10:47 min/mile

It was a gorgeous day for a run, still cold but sunny and not windy at least. I went out fast in the beginning and I was feeling like I was slogging in the end because of that. I never went slower than 11 minute miles but the last three miles just felt horrible. Just another lesson learned that I shouldn’t go all out at the beginning of a run.


I saw something pretty wonderful on this run. For the last couple of Wednesdays, I’ve been seeing a bald eagle flying above the river right by the Franklin Avenue Bridge. I spotted the eagle again as I was running and saw it land in the trees along the river. As I ran across the bridge, I saw that there was a pair of eagles sitting in the tree. Hopefully they are going to be nesting during the spring!

Thursday, February 22

4 miles ~ 44:19 ~ 11:03 min/mile

Pacing was awesome on this run and it felt warmer than Wednesday’s run. It was cloudy but there was barely any wind. I did make a mistake of going down a path I haven’t been on recently and it was covered in black ice. Luckily I could run in the road (one-way street with parking spaces so plenty of room) but it was scary the first time I stepped on the ice.


It was also just a rough run in general (even though the pacing felt great). My body is just feeling the mileage plus my calves were just getting worn out from running on the packed snow. It was pain when I used the stick roller on my calves post-run but it felt so good once I was done and the muscles were relaxed.

Friday, February 23

Finally, a rest day where I could get out on a walk at work! It’s still hovering around freezing but that feels so warm compared to most of the winter. But we did get a good amount of snow overnight so there was a lot of trudging through snow since no one had shoveled their sidewalks yet. Vinnie at least enjoyed the snow on his walks and stuck his head into it as much as possible.

I got ina yoga core session which felt really good but I could feel it for sure. I think it’s because the movements were a lot more slow and deliberate so my core was really working hard. But it was a nice way to ease back into yoga after not doing it last week when I was sick.

Saturday, February 24

17 miles ~ 3:10:16 ~ 11:11 min/mile

I switched my long run to Saturday since we had Mike’s work holiday party Saturday night and I knew it would not feel great to run seventeen miles after the party. Plus we were supposed to get 5-8 inches of snow (again) overnight and I didn’t know how cleared the paths would be.

This long run felt amazing! Some of that was because I had fresher legs (since Friday was my rest day) but it just felt easier. I brought two Gus with me this time and had them at miles six and twelve which helped out a lot. My legs did feel really heavy during the last three miles but I kept on running. I knew taking walking breaks might feel good in the moment but it would be hard to get going again.


After Mike picked me up (and he brought along my post-run smoothie!), we headed home so I could foam roll, eat something and get in a nap before the party. We only lasted until about 10 p.m. which I felt was pretty good after a seventeen mile run. My legs felt good while we were at the party but as soon as we got back to the hotel room my legs just died on me. Should have brought along some compression socks to sleep in!

Sunday, February 26

7 miles ~ 1:21:34 ~ 11:38 min/mile

Trying to run on somewhat plowed paths, the day after running seventeen miles and after having three drinks the night before is not something I’d recommend doing. I had eight miles on the schedule but cut it back to seven since a lot of the neighborhood sidewalks weren’t cleared and my body was just done.


It felt really good once I was done running but in the moment there were points where I just wanted to be done. Mostly when I came across an uncleared sidewalk that I had the try and get through.

And that wraps up week eight of training, 40 miles altogether! My mileage goes down to 38 next week since my Wednesday and Saturday runs go up to 9 miles but I only have a 12 mile run on Sunday. Plus I have a massage scheduled!

How was your last week of training? Let me know in the comments!