Training Tips Tuesday #9

One thing that I’ve been having to deal with on my long runs this time around is how to carry my water and Gus in the winter. I’ve never run long enough distances in the winter that I’ve carried anything along with me before but now I’m having to. So here’s what I’m doing (and what I’m going to try) to keep things from freezing on my long runs!

The best thing to do with your water (or Nuun for me) is to make sure you start out with hot water. I heat my water in a kettle before pouring it into my handheld and dropping in the Nuun tablet. Not only does my Nuun dissolve in seconds but I haven’t had any problems with it freezing in the handheld.

One thing that I realized on my seventeen mile run was that my Gus are getting pretty solid on the run when I just put the in the pouch on my handheld. They aren’t frozen but it’s takes extra time to get it all out. So what I’m hoping will help out is putting them in my Flipbelt and having them kept a little bit looser due to my body heat.

What do you change up when carrying water or fuel on winter long runs? Let me know in the comments!