Oatmeal Runner Reviews....Nike Training Club App

Throughout this training cycle, I’ve been using the Nike Training Club (NTC) app every single week. I started off just using it for my core workouts and now I’m using it for my cross-training and occasionally yoga. And I’m loving it for mixing up my non-running workouts on the fly. Let me tell more about how I’m using it and why I’m loving it!

The main reason I love NTC is how many different workouts there are and how quickly I can find one just based on what I want to do. On the workout tab you can browse by:

  • Muscle group (abs and core, arms and shoulders, glutes and legs)

  • Workout type (endurance, mobility, strength, yoga or all workouts)

  • Workout collections (workouts picked by athletes)

  • Workouts created by athletes

  • No-equipment workouts

  • Short workouts (21 minutes and under)


But then you can filter even deeper in each category which is where this app really shines because you can get super specific in the workout level, equipment needed, intensity, type (rep or time based) and focus (strength, endurance or mobility).


The one thing I wish you could filter down by is the type of equipment you have because “basic” equipment can mean anything from a yoga mat to dumbells to a plyo box. So there’s been times that I’ve though I found a great workout just to realize I don’t have the “basic equipment”.


Lately though, I’ve been sticking to bodyweight workouts on the app (for both core and my strength training) and they are still really tough workouts (especially since I’m not used to bodyweight workouts). Plus I can take them anywhere and do them when I can fit them in without worrying about being near a gym. This was really great when we were traveling for Christmas and I just needed to get some type of workout in.

I also like that I don’t need to set up a workout on my own and I can just pick from what I have already downloaded and go from there. I have a selection of ten or so different workouts already downloaded so I usually straight to there to star a workout. Of course, most of them are core workouts right now so I’m going to be trying out some different strength training workouts too.

Have you tried the NTC app? Share your favorite workouts from it in the comments! Right now, mine are the Hip and Glute Strength and Super Twist Core Series.