What's my plan for the Valentine's Day TC 5K?

This Saturday, I’m have my first race in 218: the Valentine's Day TC 5K! And not only is it my first race of 2018, it’s my first 5K race since October 2016. It’s going to be a short and sweet race but I wanted to go over my plan for it.

First of all, my goal for this race. Even though my A race is Eau Claire Marathon in May I’m hoping to get a new 5K PR. My last 5K PR is from March 2016 at the Hot Dash 5K with a time of 28:35. I’ve run this 5K once before, back in 2015, so my course PR is 32:04 (although they have changed the course to a different but close by location).

I know for sure I can get a new course PR but that 5K PR will be a stretch. However, I did run a similar 5K time on a run in late December so hopefully I still have that speed in my legs. This course should be flatter than the Hot Dash 5k course which will be good for me since I’ve been doing a lot of hill running. Plus, I’m hoping close to zero temperatures will make me run faster!

On my marathon training schedule, I’m supposed to be doing seven miles at marathon pace on race day. If we didn’t have a baby shower to get to afterwards (because Mike and I are both running), I’d hop onto the path to another lake to get another four miles in. But since I won’t have the time post-race and since I’ll be running over a minute faster than marathon race pace, I’m not worrying about getting those four miles in. If we have time after the baby shower, I might get out for those four miles but I’m not going to sweat it.

What I will be making sure is that I’ve worked out my tightness before the race. Friday will be a rest day and I’m planning on getting out  for a lunch break walk. Even I have to bundle up some more. I’ll also be doing a longer yoga session after work just to focus on my tight spots.

Since the race isn’t until 10 a.m., I’ll be able to sleep in on Saturday morning. Which will be sleeping until 6 a.m. at the latest for me (thank you internal clock). But that will give me time to get a shorter yoga session in and maybe some foam rolling if I need it, along with getting Vinnie out on a walk and have some breakfast before the race. Of course, it will be oatmeal!

How do you work shorter races into your training schedule? Let me know in the comments!