Oatmeal Runner Reviews...RXbars

I have to start this out by saying that I love RXbars. I have two boxes in the cupboard right now and they are awesome! So, now that’s out of the way, let’s get into why I love them.

20180305_143707 (1).jpg
  • Real food ingredients

I’ve been trying to get most of my protein from real food ingredients, with the exception of protein powder or the occasional protein bar. So I love that this is a bar with 12 grams of protein that doesn’t contain protein powder. It’s an easy way to get in protein without wondering how my stomach is going to feel afterwards (because some of those protein bars do not sit well in my stomach).

  • Well-balanced macros

Even though there’s 12 grams of protein in the RXbars, I haven’t been using them as a post-workout snack. Instead, I’ve been using them as either a snack on my rest days or pre-workout. They have an awesome balance of protein, carbs and fat to fuel me through a workout (or morning at work) without being super heavy.

  • Texture

Now this is probably the one thing I’ve seen that people have problems with, the texture of RXbars. I actually enjoy the chewy texture and haven’t found that it sticks in my teeth. It’s a nice change from the usual whey protein bars. I also don’t feel like they are tough to chew but maybe I’ve just gotten excellent batches?

Have you tried RXbars? Let me know your favorite flavor in the comments (mine is the chocolate sea salt)!