Eau Claire Marathon Training Week 10

Looking back, I’d use one word to describe this week. Effortless. I used it a couple of times when describing my weekend runs but really all of them felt effortless this week. Even with this being a 45 mile week. So let’s get into it!

Monday, March 5

I was just feeling exhausted on Monday. I’ve been waking up during the night lately so that in combination of  three weeks of around 40 miles for training meant I was feeling run down. I ended up getting almost 8 hours of sleep (7 hours and 50 minutes) which is pretty unusual for a weeknight. But I also didn’t wake up and I fell asleep before 9 p.m.


But before my early bedtime, I got in my cross-training. I went home early because we were supposed to get hit by a decent snowstorm (that didn’t actually start until around 3:30 p.m.) so I did my workout first before finishing off my workday. I did the Glute and Hips Strength workout from the NTC app again and it was still killer. I spent about 30 minutes on the elliptical afterwards just doing a nice, easy cardio session to keep everything moving.

Tuesday, March 6

4 miles ~ 44:19 ~ 11:02 min/mile

After feeling great doing hills last week, I headed out to do them once again! I ended up doing 6.5 hill repeats to get in my four miles (which included a half mile to the hill and back). They felt really great again but I did not go super fast like I did last time. Which is great because it felt easy and I’m building strength.


After I got home and got Vinnie out for a walk, we came back to do some yoga. As I’m getting into these multiple higher mileage weeks, I’m feeling like I need to prioritize post-run recovery over my core workouts. So I’m probably going to cutback to one core workout and add in the Runners Love Yoga post-run flow more often. It felt so great to get some stretching done after the hill repeats, especially on my calves and hamstrings.

Wednesday, March 7

9 miles ~ 1:38:13 ~ 10:54 min/mile

Wednesday just felt rushed, I had a meeting at 2 p.m. so I didn’t leave until 3 p.m. I ended up deciding not to go to my usual knitting group to give me a chance to just relax since it’s been pretty crazy.

I started out too fast on my run (sub 10:45 for the first six miles) and I paid for it in the last two. But I worked on not starting the negative self talk and just thought about all the great things my body has been doing. And how it deserves to go slower on this run. Which helped me feel not as horrible when I started slowing down.


But it’s just a chance to get better on not going out fast which is what I usually do. I’ve been getting better but there’s always a chance for improvement! And it was a gorgeous, sunny run (although a little bit chilly) along the river with not a lot of other people out there. It was almost like I had the river to myself.

Thursday, March 8

4 miles ~ 43:09 ~ 10:46 min/mile

I was so glad that I stayed at home Wednesday night and just relaxed with a hot bath. I was feeling so much less worn out and awake at work. And I was feeling ready for one more run in the work week.

I took it nice and easy on this run, no hill repeats but just a relaxing run around the Como Zoo. My pacing was pretty on point at 10:45-10:50, except for mile 3 where I dropped down to a 10:33 mile. I don’t know where that came from but it wasn’t planned at all.


When I got home, I did the Runners Love Yoga post-run flow again. It might be my favorite quick flow because I really feel like it hits my sore spots. I also got in my core workout for the week and some extra foam rolling. My calves were still so sore by the time we went to bed, Mike had to help me out by massaging them. The one thing I didn’t do post-workout was use my stick roller on them which is a sign that I can’t skip that step.

Friday, March 9

Wooo for Friday! It was a gorgeous day outside (although still in the 30s) so I got out for a lunchtime walk at work. Between that and taking Vinnie on a couple of longer of walks before and after work, I reached my 10,000 step goal for the day!

I also got in a 60 minute yoga session and it’s been a while since I’ve done that long at home. I did the last Runners Love Yoga video that I hadn’t tried out which was core/hips/balance. And, of course, the one part that I struggled with the most was hips. Not struggled as much as I could feel those stretches the most. At least it’s good to know I have something I can improve on.

Saturday, March 10

9 miles ~ 1:31:47 ~ 10:11 min/mile

Effortless. That’s the word I’d use to describe this run. It was effortless for me run at about a 10:10-15 mile pace for nine miles...well eight miles since my last mile was 10:04. But I didn’t have to think about it. That was the pace my legs went to on this run.


And that was an amazing feeling considering I’m ten weeks into marathon training. This is the third week of 40+ mileage in a row. During Twin Cities Marathon training, I had to push myself on these later pace runs. But now, I’m just effortlessly. And it’s amazing.

Sunday, March 11

19 miles ~3:27:41~10:54 min/mile

Sunday’s run felt just as effortless as Saturday’s even though it was 10 miles longer. Seriously, I couldn’t believe how great these miles felt as they went by. My mile splits for the first 14 were all 10:50-11:00 and then 15 was a little bit slower.

Then, I put my plan for the last three miles into action. I wanted to give a kick for those last three miles. Go just a little bit faster at the end to negative split my run. And did I give it a kick, my last three miles were 10:45, 10:40 and 10:20. I’ve never pulled out a 10:40 at the end of a long run, let alone going faster than race pace!


I’m feeling really great the closer we get to the Eau Claire Marathon. My runs just keep on getting better and stronger feeling even though I’m ramping up the mileage. Week 11 of training is another ramp up for all my runs and I’ll hit 50 miles for the first time in a training cycle!