Training Tips Tuesday #11: Post-run yoga

For as much as I love foam rolling, I never thought I’d be adding yoga into my post-run routine. I love my Friday yoga but I didn’t think it would be something that I’d be doing after my runs.

But this past week, I’ve been doing the Runners Love Yoga pre/post-run flow after three of my runs including my 19 mile long run. And it feels so good. Unlike typical stretching, I feel like this flow gets into my typical sore spots. Plus, it adds in extra movement after a run almost like a dynamic cool-down.

Of course, this is adding extra time to my post-run routine so I’ve had to make some changes. One big thing is cutting down my core workouts from twice a week to only one. And I’m not foam rolling quite as much since the yoga works out some of the tightness. So my foam rolling is more focused on the spots that need more attention.

Do you do a yoga flow post-run? Let me know some of your favorite positions in the comments!