Hot Dash 10 Mile Race Recap

I had an awesome time at the Hot Dash 10 mile! This is my last race before Eau Claire Marathon and I decided to use it as a tune-up race for the marathon.

Hot Dash 10 mile medal picture

First of all, that cup of coffee race morning was amazing. I could definitely tell the difference between a normal run after coffee and this one. I’m sure Mike could tell it too once he got up, between the pre-race jitters and the coffee I was pretty amped up.

Before we headed out, I did some foam rolling and the Runner’s Stability workout from the NTC app. That workout really got me warmed up and my body ready to run without wearing me out.

And then we headed out! Vinnie came along to to be my cheering crew with Mike (and overall the cutest cheerleader). The nice thing about this race was pretty close (maybe a 15 minute drive) so we left 45 minutes before race start. We parked somewhat close to the race start and walked 15 minutes to the starting line. There was a 5K before the 10 mile but they had already taken off by the time we got to the starting area. I had about 10 minutes to wait in the corrals before the start.

I ended up not running with the 10:30 pacer. I got into the corrals close to her but by the time i got there it was pretty full and I just stayed on the edge. This also meant that Mike was able to take some race start photos! I started feeling a little chilly standing around so I tried to move around a little without knocking into anyone else.

Hot Dash 10 Mile Starting Line

Soon enough, we headed out! Apparently Vinnie felt the need to add something after the national anthem because Mike said he started barking after it was done! I didn’t hear him at all (or even the anthem since they didn’t have speakers placed back in the corrals).

Since my goal for this was to get ready for running Eau Claire Marathon at a 10:30 pace, I really wanted to keep that pace going throughout the race. And I failed at that but I still felt really good throughout the race. My left knee did bug me a little going uphill between miles 7 and 8 but I’m pretty sure it’s due to my tight hips/IT band. So that means extra time stretching out my hips after runs and also hopefully I can get that area worked on during my massage tomorrow.

But other than a little bit of soreness running uphill, I felt awesome running up and downhill. I wanted to practice my downhill running technique since I’ve been told the Eau Claire Marathon has more downhills than uphills. So I made sure not to speed on the downhills, lean my body forward from the hips and engage my core. It felt a lot different from how I normally run downhill but it also felt a lot better!

Hot Dash 10 Mile Finish

Fueling went great, I tried out the new birthday cake flavor from GU (which I loved but I’m a huge fan of their marshmallow and chocolate outrage flavors too) so that will be coming along for the Eau Claire Marathon. Carrying Nuun on course felt great too and it was nice to not be drinking just water or Powerade along the course. I didn’t take any water from the aid stations since I had the Nuun but I will have to supplement along the marathon course since I’m only carrying about 20 ounces of water.

I ended up finishing in 1:41:48 which is a 10:06 average pace. Almost 30 seconds faster than my marathon pace so  really need to hone in on my remaining pace runs on not going out too fast. But it makes me even more confident about finishing the Eau Claire Marathon in 4:45 and just crushing my second marathon!

Hot Dash 10 Mile Splits