Eau Claire Marathon Training Week 12

After last week’s 50 miles, I’m so glad week twelve is a cutback week. Down to 34 miles and I also raced on Saturday. So let’s get into it!

Monday, March 19

I’m going into this week of training exhausted and sore. Part of it is how high mileage the past couple of weeks have been and part of it was ame cutting out caffeine ahead of the Hot Dash 10 mile. I had forgotten how much cutting out caffeine affects my day to day.


I got through my cross-training (elliptical followed by a 20 minutes of hip and glute strength workout on NTC) but I was dragging by the end. My legs were cramping up and I was just ready to be done. As much as I love marathon training, I’m so excited to take it down a notch this summer and not train for anything.

Tuesday, March 20

5 miles ~ 54:04 ~ 10:48 min/mile

Happy Spring! Of course, we had snow flurries all day because Minnesota weather doesn’t care if it’s spring now. It didn’t affect my run (except that I had to bundle up) but I think some sunshine would have made me feel a ton better. Especially since there were other factors that made this run not great.


My calves were super sore during this run (and my feet were cramping up afterwards) and I was still really tired. I’m sleeping pretty good, minus Mike coming home from bowling and waking me up, so I’m sure it’s the lack of caffeine in my body. Usually I have a cup of coffee every morning plus tea at work so my body is revolting.

I skipped doing yoga post-run and spent extra time rolling out my calves (and the rest of my body too). I finally got my calves to loosen up so hopefully that will help out with runs the rest of the week!

Wednesday, March 21

6 miles ~ 1:05:23 ~ 10:53 min/mile

My calves were feeling much better on this run and I felt like I had a little bit more energy. So hopefully my body is getting used to not having caffeine (although it’s coming back on Saturday) and I’ve been sleeping better.


My splits were pretty even for this run too which is great to see as I’m getting closer to the Eau Claire Marathon. I felt burned out on the last uphill heading towards St. Thomas but I’m sure the tight calves and lack of caffeine played a role. Lately I’ve been able to run up that hill no problem so I should be back to running up it again.

Thursday, March 22

5.3 miles ~ 51:24 ~ 9:39 min/mile

I went out of comfort zone (being the introverted runner that I am) and went out for a group run! There was a Twin Cities Nuunbassador meetup at Bauhaus Brew Labs so I signed up to go and meet up with some fellow Nuun lovers. It was great to meet up with everyone and get in some running chat plus drink a beer.


We went for a run before the beer (making smart choices) and I went out with a group of ladies at around a 9:30-10 minute pace. And I was surprised that I could run and talk at that pace! It was a lot of fun and I’m looking at finding a running group once I’m out of marathon training. Plus I know we’ll have some more Nuunbassador meetups. Maybe I’m less of a introverted runner than I thought?

Friday, March 23

One more day to the Hot Dash! I left work early to go pick up my bib and jacket over at Summit Brewery. I could have gotten a beer but since I had a race the next day and had a beer the night before, I decided to skip it. Especially since there’s a free Summit beer at the end of the Hot Dash if I feel like drinking a beer post-run.

I was feeling sore after the group run since I hadn’t foam rolled after it so I did a deep body stretch yoga video. It felt good to stretch all over plus I felt really relaxed afterwards. As did Vinnie because he was falling asleep while I did yoga.


Saturday, March 24

10 miles ~ 1:41:48 ~ 10:06 min/mile

I ran the Hot Dash 10 mile as a final tune up race for the Eau Claire Marathon. If you haven’t already, check out my race recap!


Sunday, March 25

8 miles ~ 1:24:55 ~ 10:36 min/mile

I originally had twelve miles on the training plan and I was planning on running all of them. But when I got up this morning, I felt pretty sore (especially in my hips) so I decided to cut it back. Saturday’s pace workout was only six miles on the training plan so I’ll still end up with the same mileage for the week. This way, I’m not overexerting my body (well, trying not to).


I had some decent speed on this run even though the two runs before this were below marathon pace which surprised me. This run was right around marathon pace and it felt really good. I didn’t feel any soreness while running but I can really feel it in my hips getting up and down off the couch. It’s a good thing I have a massage today!

And that’s a wrap for this cutback week! It’s back to 50 miles this next week plus it’s the Easter weekend. I’ll actually end up running 20 miles on Easter so it will be interesting to see how many other people are out. But the nice thing is the weather is looking warmer and sunnier than this past week so I’ll be back out in shorts.