Training Tips Tuesday #13: Cutting out caffeine

Like I talked about in my post about my Hot Dash 10 mile race strategies, I’ve been cutting out caffeine for a week before big races. And I find that it really helps to get all the caffeine out of my body so that it has a bigger impact on race day. I really do feel the caffeine affecting me stronger than on a normal, day-to-day basis.

One thing that I’d recommend (and that I’m going to do for the Eau Claire Marathon) is slowly cutting down on caffeine two weeks before and then cutting it out completely a week before. I’m a regular coffee drinker (one big cup every morning and sometimes a second cup on the weekends) and cutting it out cold turkey really sucked this last time. And it wasn’t just missing the hot drink every morning since I did drink a cup of decaf every morning.

So what I’ll be doing before the Eau Claire Marathon is making my coffee with half decaf, half full strength coffee on April 22. Then, on April 29, I’ll go to just decaf coffee until race morning on May 6. And yes, I’m bringing along the french press and coffee grinder so I can have my fancy race day coffee at the hotel.

Have you tried cutting out caffeine before a race? Let me know how it went in the comments!