Transitioning into spring running

We are technically into spring according to the calendar but the weather doesn’t always reflect that. So I wanted to give some quick tips today for transitioning into spring running and being prepared for the (always) changing weather.

Always be checking the forecast

I’m sure you already od this but I’ve found it to be so important to be checking the hourly forecast during the spring. The weather can change so quickly and (depending on what time you run at) you can’t always just look at the high for the day. The big thing that I have to be prepared for is wind (both direction and speed) along with precipitation (ranging from snow to rain and everything in between).

Pack layers

I know layering isn’t something you want to hear for spring running but it will help you be prepared for whatever happens on your run. If you run from home, it can be a lot easier to know exactly what the weather will be like so you don’t have to dress in as many layers. But, if you’re like me and running right after work, you might be packing your running clothes in the morning. In the spring, I make sure to throw a jacket and baseball cap into my bag even if the forecast doesn’t call for rain. Because you never know….

Keep allergies under control

Now that we are warming up in Minnesota and the snow is melting, I know my allergies are going to start acting up. If you are also to allergic to everything outside (as proven by the allergy testing I did over the winter), get ahead of allergy season with whatever medicine you take. Hopefully it will mean you aren’t as miserable on your runs.

What are your tips for going into spring running? Let me know in the comments!