Eau Claire Marathon Week Nine

Week nine was a slight cutback for my long run but I also upped my Wednesday and Saturday runs. Plus I dealt with a lot of soreness and crazy Minnesota weather.

Monday, February 26

I’m once again mixing it up with my cross-training! I wasn’t feeling too sore, surprisingly after how I was feeling on Sunday’s run, but I still didn’t want to overwork my body. So I decided on a fifteen minute full body workout from the Nike Training Club app called “Best Foot Forward.” It was the best combination of some challenge while not overworking my legs. And then I finished off with thirty minutes on the elliptical doing the ramp up, ramp down program.


After my workout, and taking Vinnie for a walk, I could tell I was still pretty sore. I need to ramp up my post-workout mobility and stretching work, especially in my glutes. So I foam rolled a ton before making dinner and Vinnie tried to “help” out.

Tuesday, February 27

4 miles ~ 43:47 ~ 10:55 min/mile

The sun has been out the last couple of days and it’s been right around 40s so my run consisted of dodging puddles. Sometimes not successfully. But other than coming home with soaking wet shoes (that immediately got newspaper stuffed into them to help dry out), my run was pretty good.


My legs are really still feeling the combination of high mileage and running in the snow. I think spending more time on foam rolling this week is really going to help, along with wearing compression socks and getting in my massage on Sunday. But we’ll see how quickly that will help with running this week. Splits were really consistent though which is good and it felt awesome to run slower so at least the soreness is good for something.

Wednesday, February 28

9 miles ~ 1:38:26 ~ 10:56 min/mile

One last run in February and it continued to be a gorgeous day! It was 45 and sunny, with barely any wind. Of course, that also meant some pretty big puddles when I ran along the river and a couple of slow going miles. Two or three times I had to walk (very carefully) on the snow to get around the puddles. I’m thinking for my Saturday run, I’m just going to run through the snow a little bit further out from the puddles since I have a pace run.


But I still had some speedy miles despite the puddle dodging and sore legs. I had three miles right around 11:20 (where I was trying to get around puddles) but the rest were under 11 minute miles...with one 10:20 minute mile that came out of nowhere. Which bodes wonderful for the Eau Claire Marathon since I shouldn’t be dodging puddles or dealing with sore calves!

Thursday, March 1

4 miles ~ 42:45 ~ 10:40 min/mile

My legs were feeling a little bit less sore and I decided to mix it up with some hill repeats. We have a pretty decent hill that’s about half a mile from the apartment and I haven’t done hill repeats in at least a year (but probably longer). So I did six repeats of running up and down the hill with about ¾ of a mile flat running to finish it off.

And I loved it! It was a killer run (especially since heading north on that hill is a much longer incline) but I was fast. My first mile was 10:48 but the last three were all right around 10:35. Which isn’t exactly an easy run but it’s going to get me ready to tackle the hills at Eau Claire Marathon. So I’m going to be adding in a hill repeat run once a week (probably on Tuesdays) but hopefully going a little bit slower.


Even though my legs weren’t feeling sore when I started out my run, I was feeling it when I got back home! I got in my core workout (second one of the week!) and foam rolling. Plus I got on compression socks after showering and Mike gave me a little calf massage.

Friday, March 2

If you have a full-blown look at my Friday, you can check out my “What does a rest day look like during marathon training?” post! But I really wanted to talk a little bit about the yoga video I did, IT band/hips from Runners Love Yoga. I loved it even though it was tough and I could really tell my hips were tight. But it helps to know what you need to work on. I need to get back into more regular hip stretches post run (and doing this video more often).


Saturday, March 3

9 miles ~ 1:30:24 ~ 10:02 min/mile

Saturday was a gorgeous day for a run, it was supposed to be in the upper 40s by the afternoon and sunny. I got my run in at 8 a.m. since my parents were coming down but it was still awesome weather. I actually got a little bit warm in my long sleeved shirt and pants since it was so sunny.


I ran along Summit Avenue for what was supposed to be a marathon pace run but turned out to be a lot faster. It almost felt like a redemption run from the end of the Twin Cities Marathon because this was the same stretch where I started falling apart at the end. I even managed to pull out three sub-10 minute miles and felt so great about it. Even though I wasn’t running it after 20 miles, it felt awesome to run along the same stretch feeling strong.

Sunday, March 4

12 miles ~ 2:10:08 ~ 10:50 min/mile

If Saturday was the perfect morning for running, Sunday was the exact opposite. It was windy and rainy (with the rain turning to ice pellets about halfway through). But I still made it through pretty strong (keeping sub-11 minute miles) until mile 9.5 when all of a sudden I realized I had to use the bathroom. And the nearest port-a-potty was half a mile away. Running when you need to go sucks and so does trying to run uphill after using a port-a-potty.


I was soaked by the end (probably well before the end) so I went to the gym to use the sauna and warm up. It felt amazing and I ended up staying in there for about 20 minutes. When I got home, I did the Runners Love Yoga pre/post-run video which felt really good especially for my calves. I also got a massage which felt great after three weeks of right around 40 miles per week. And I scheduled another massage for two weeks since I’ve got my 20 mile long runs right around the corner.

And now it’s onto another increase in mileage! My runs Tuesday through Saturday are staying the same but my Sunday long run is 19 miles. Plus, we are getting hit by another snowstorm on Monday. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather gets better by the weekend and I’m not running 19 miles in the cold and rain.

How was your last week? Let me know in the comments!