Training Tips Tuesday #10

Today’s training tip is a little bit different. It isn’t something new I’m doing in training or something I’ve found helpful. Instead it’s a mindset that I need to get through my run on Sunday.


If you’ve read my training recap, you know that Sunday’s weather was pretty crappy. It was raining (which turned to sleet/ice pellets), windy and just barely above freezing. Nowhere near ideal weather. But somehow, I finished all twelve miles without too much trouble physically.

Mentally, it was another story. I really had to push myself to not quit on the run. I keep on thinking in chunks of two miles which would be when I’d take a sip of Nuun. And then at mile eight, I’d eat a Gu gel too.

But at mile three, my headphones beeped and said “battery medium”. And then at mile five “battery low.” I didn’t charge my headphones after Saturday’s run and now I was thinking I was going to lose my audiobook at anytime. So now I was worried about that along with the weather.

My headphones eventually died at mile 10.5, much further into the run than I thought. But at that point, I had to keep my mind off of the weather and how I was feeling. So I just had to keep thinking, “just half a mile and then you’ll turn around.” I kept on thinking of finishing and going to the gym to warm up in the sauna.

This run made me realize how I need to work on my mental strength. I already know the marathon will be tough and I need to be mentally prepared for that.

How do you get through a tough run or race mentally? Help me out and let me know in the comments!