Training Tips Tuesday #15: The Last Big Push

Well, we are finally here. The last high mileage week of marathon training. The last twenty mile long run. The last ten mile Wednesday and Saturday runs. It’s all downhill in the taper from here (until race day).

Since I’m so close to tapering, what am I keeping an eye on in this final week of 50 miles?

  • Cross-training: I’m getting in a weights session on Monday along with my spin class. I want to make sure everything is staying strong and moving. Plus my body is feeling up for a higher intensity cross-training session after a lower mileage week.

  • Paying close attention to what I eat (and how it makes me feel): this will be my final time to make sure I know my body reacts to eating specific things when I’m running higher mileage before race day. I’m even considering ordering Chipotle for dinner on Saturday to test out if that’s going to work as dinner before the Eau Claire Marathon! I’m also making sure I get in my carbs and lots of water (it helps that I have a Nuun order coming in plus I won Nuun too!).

  • Stretching and foam rolling: After having to cut my last 20 mile run short, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure this one doesn’t go short. And that means all the hip stretches and foam rolling that I can do. I’m even bringing my stick roller to work if I need to dig in during the workday (thank goodness for a cube door!)

What do you pay attention to in the last high mileage week before a race?