Tuesday Training Tip #16: Doing a long run on the treadmill

This Sunday, I spent almost four hours on the treadmill to get in my 20 mile long run. If I had any chance of running outside, I would have taken it but over a foot of snow said otherwise. Barely any running paths got cleared Sunday morning (in fact at least one path had a plow get stuck trying to clear it) so I didn’t have another choice. This was my final 20 mile run before the Eau Claire Marathon and I wanted to get it in.

Training Tip Tuesday 16 Pinterest.jpg

I’ve talked before about tips for running on the treadmill but today I wanted to share some long run specific tips. Because being on the treadmill for over two hours poses some different situations, especially when you have to take fueling into consideration.

  • Prevent chafing: I made sure to put BodyGlide wherever I thought I might experience chafing (and in between my toes to help prevent blisters). This is something I normally did during my training for the Twin Cities Marathon but not something I’ve had to do with the weather in Eau Claire Marathon training.

  • Set up your fuel: I lined up my GU gels in the order I wanted to eat them on the treadmill so I could easily grab them and go. I also had my Nuun in squirt bottle (not my handheld) so that I could easily get a drink when I needed. I also had a second bottle filled with plain water so that I could refill when I needed to (great idea since I got hot and sweaty).

  • Switch up your entertainment: I switched between episodes of Supernatural and podcasts for my run (made super easy by having my tablet and phone both connected to my Bluetooth headphones). This made it seem like less time had gone by and also kept me from relying on a single source entertainment.

  • Play around with the incline: I changed up the incline every mile, going up and down between 0-3.5%. I felt like this made it easier to stay on the treadmill for multiple hours without much pain since I was able to get some variation in incline (although not the same as running outside.

Have you done a long run on the treadmill? What are some of your tips for making it through?