Being happy on the run

I’ve been a little bit down about running with this recent blizzard that dumped almost two feet of snow. It’s understandable since the sidewalks have barely been cleared and the snow is usually gone and everything is green outside by mid-April. So today, I wanted to list some of the things that make me happy during a run or race. And let’s keep hoping that this snow melts. There’s 60 for highs next week so it should go away fast!

Being happy on the run Pinterest.jpg
  • Waving at other runners: It’s something so simply but it actually makes me feel better when I wave and smile at runners coming the other way. Especially towards the end of the long run when I just want to be done. Of course, that’s also when I’m most likely to be zoned out and not realize that there’s a runner coming until it’s too late and I do an awkward head nod thing.

  • Dogs: I love seeing dogs on my runs and during races. My favorite dog sighting from a race was at the Twin Cities Marathon last year. RIght around mile 20 was someone with a golden retriever puppy and a sign that said “pet me for puppy power!” Sadly, they were on the opposite side of the road from me.

  • Fun signs: Speaking of signs, I love reading them at races. One of the best was a guy who was playing hangman with the runners and actually was at four or five spots along the Lake Minnetonka Marathon. Signs are an awesome way to get my mind off the race.

  • When my favorite songs comes on: I don’t listen to music a lot on my runs (usually just pace runs or races) so it’s extra special when one of my favorite songs comes on. It’s usually Hamilton and I usually sing along. #SorryNotSorry

What do you do to make yourself happier on a run? Share it in the comments!