Medal memories: stories from some of my races

I see all my race medals everytime I walk in the door since they are displayed opposite our front door. Two years ago, my mom made me a medal rack that’s quite full (and is getting fuller with each race) that says “celebrate every mile.” So today I wanted to celebrate some the thousands of miles I’ve run by sharing memories from two of those races.


Stillwater Half Marathon - my first half marathon


After finishing Couch to 5K and running my first 5K in October, I decided to train for my first half marathon. I didn’t know too much what I was doing but I did some digging, found a training plan and started following it! At this time I was carrying water bottles and using gummy bears for fuel. Oh, how the times have changed!

One of my favorite memories from this race doesn’t come the race itself (except that first time I heard “you’re almost there”....with about two miles left in the race) but from what happened right before. We adopted Vinnie earlier that week, yes we bought a 12 week old puppy home days before my first big race!


Luckily, Vinnie was excellent at sleeping through the night (although being home alone during the workday was another story) and he was an OK support on race day. He apparently got so tired by the time I got to the end that he was napping in Mike’s lap! And he crashed on our drive home from Stillwater.

TC 10 Mile - when I decided I wanted to run a marathon


I’ve written about this before but it was during the TC 10 Mile that I really decided to run a marathon. Seeing those miles markers, the crowd support and the starting and finish areas of the Twin Cities Marathon was amazing for me. It really pushed me towards running the Twin Cities Marathon the next year.

Of course, it didn’t help that the running podcasts I was listening to were talking about running marathons. But still, before that race I had never thought about running a marathon. In fact, I swore up and down I wouldn’t run a marathon. 13.1 was as far as I would go.


I still remember seeing Mike after I made my way through the finish area and the first thing I said was “What do you think about me running the marathon next year?” And here I am now, weeks away from my second marathon.

What memories do your medals hold?